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Caissa's Web is pleased to offer these free, web-based chess tools to the Internet chess community. Whether you are a chess player or chess blogger, these tools offer many features and benefits that will help you become a better chess player and communicator.

  • As an Internet chess player or local club player, these tools allow you to save and comment on chess and chess960 games formatted as PGN files (Portable Game Notation—the web standard for presentation of chess games). Let's say you played a game at your monthly club meeting and recorded the game on a score sheet. You can use the PGN Editor to create a PGN file, enter moves and commentary, and then save the file to your computer for later review.

  • As a chess blogger, columnist, or webmaster, these tools offer easy-to-use resources for adding value to your content—insert a Chess Game Viewer as part of a blog post about a particular game, or embellish your chess commentary with professionally-produced chess diagrams. Additionally, these tools are fully embeddable into your site for your visitors to use. Contact Us about custom-branding these tools for your blog or website.

PGN Editor

PGN Editor Chess Tool

Creating, editing, viewing, saving, and sharing PGN files is one of the most basic activities of an Internet chess player.

The PGN Editor Chess Tool allows you to create a PGN file from scratch by setting up a board position, adding move and commentary, entering game details such as date, location and players, and then saving the file in both human and machine-readbale format.

If you have an existing PGN file to which you would like add commentary, this tool allows you to import the PGN file and then add comments and annotations. You can then save the file in easily viewable formats so that others can view your game and comments.

Chess Game Viewer

Chess Game Viewer

There are many resources on the Internet where you can download PGN files. Often they are in their raw text format and not easily viewable.

This tool allows you to import the PGN file and then view it using a professionally-designed and easy-to-use graphical interface. If you would like to save the game for others to view, you can copy-and-paste the viewer and game into an web-enabled document like a blog or website.

The viewer not only allows you to click through the moves of the game, it also shows the player names and ratings, event, location and date of the game, as well as any commentary included with the game.

Chess Diagram Generator

Chess Diagram Generator

This tool is great for representing chess positions and games using a single graphics file. You can add graphical chess diagrams to illustrate your written chess commentary, or you can send an email to a friend with an attached animated graphics file showing the moves of a game.

Using this tool, you can specify many different parameters of the look-and-feel of the chess graphic—board color and size, piece type, and the speed of the animated moves.

If you choose the animation option, you can have all the moves show as part of the graphic, or just a certain number of moves from the game.

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