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  • The videos work best with broadband connections (DSL, Cable). Dial-up connections may result in a slower viewing experience.
  • All videos include AUDIO. If you do not hear audio when playing the videos, make sure the audio functionality on your computer (e.g. speakers, sound card) is working correctly.
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How to Play Chess Videos How to Play Chess

  • Chess960
    • Chess960 Video Tutorial (8m 9s)

      This video covers how to start and play a game of Chess960, the ideas behind the creation of Chess960, and the rules for how to establish a starting board position.

More How to Play Chess videos coming soon!

How to Use the Website Videos How to Use the Website

  • General Site Features
    • How to Login Video (7m 51s)

      Reviews the Java and Non-Java interfaces for Caissa and why you should use one and not the other in certain situations.

  • Correspondence Chess
    • Correspondence Chess Overview Video (12m 49s)

      Provides an overview of correspondence chess features and the basic functions for starting a game, making moves, and ending a game.

    • Correspondence Chess Waiting List Video (7m 15s)

      Covers the correspondence game waiting list and how to start games by choosing a name from the list or placing yourself on the list.

    • Correspondence Chess Challenge Video (8m 58s)

      Covers correspondence game challenge features including sending challenges to other members and responding to incoming challenges.

    • Correspondence Chess Configuration Video (6m 5s)

      Covers correspondence game configuration options such as selecting a board, selecting pieces, and choosing how moved pieces will be indicated.

    • Correspondence Chess If-Then Moves Video (3m 41s)

      Covers correspondence game if-then moves, a handy function for speeding up game play by having your response played automatically when your opponent makes an expected move.

  • Live Online Chess
    • Live Online Chess Overview Video (6m 1s)

      Provides an overview of live game features and the basic functions of challenges, waiting lists, and display options.

    • Live Online Chess Challenge Video (8m 33s)

      Covers live game challenge features including sending challenges to other members and responding to incoming challenges.

    • Live Online Chess Waiting List Video (2m 47s)

      Instructions for how to put yourself on the waiting list, the various options such as time controls and rating ranges, and how to choose a player from the waiting list.

    • Live Online Chess Results Video (4m 21s)

      All games played on Caissa are saved to a results table. This video reviews how to sort and filter that table based on handles, ratings, and length of game, as well as how to view details of a game.

    • Live Online Chess Watch Games Video (4m 8s)

      Covers how live chess games can be viewed and commented on in real-time, with the option of opening multiple windows for viewing more than one game at a time.

    • Live Online Chess Configuration Video (6m 30s)

      Reviews the many configuration options that you can use to customize your live game-playing experience including types and sizes of boards and pieces, challenge filters and the ability to play multiple simultaneous games.

  • Online Chess Tools
    • PGN Editor Video Tutorial (9m 21s)

      Covers all of the functionality of the PGN Editor including entering games and moves, adding commentary, and outputting the games in a viewable format.

    • Chess Game Viewer Video Tutorial (2m 59s)

      Covers how to use the Chess Game Viewer to make your chess game easily accessible by importing and viewing PGN game files.

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