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Topic started by AdminBrian on 14 Mar 2009, 03:03:22
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14 Mar 2009, 03:03:22
Chess Openings Documentation
Caissa has begun a project to provide detailed documentation of chess openings. We have completed the first article: the Sicilian Defense.
You can access the article by going to your "My stats" area and if you ever used the Sicilian Defense it should be listed as one of your chess openings stats. Click the corresponding link to see the details for that opening. You can also access here:
Sicilian Defense
Currently the Sicilian Defense article is the only one that is complete and linked. We will continue to add openings going forward, specifically for the top 10 chess openings used on Caissa:
ECO | Name
B19 | Sicilian (Complete)
C01 | French defense
A18 | English opening
A17 | Reti opening
B18 | Caro-Kann
B14 | Scandinavian (center-counter) defense
C21 | Philidor's defense
C41 | Ruy Lopez
C14 | King's gambit
D19 | Queen's gambit declined
D22 | Queen's gambit accepted
Basically we are translating the freely available content of chess openings from Wikipedia to Caissa using the Caissa Chess Tools:
A link to all the chess openings on Wikipedia is here:
If any Caissa Member is interested in helping out with the translation of chess opening articles from Wikipedia to Caissa using the template set out in the completed Sicilian Defense article, please let us know. You will preferably need some experience using HTML. Thanks!