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Topic started by AdminBrian on 28 Oct 2009, 22:47:27
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28 Oct 2009, 22:47:27
Caissa's Web iPhone application officially launches
Caissa's Web is pleased to announce the release of our first smart phone application, Caissa's Web Free Chess for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Caissa members using their iPhone can play other members connected to Caissa website using their iPhone, or they can play members connected to Caissa using the standard Caissa browser interface. In order to play live chess using the Caissa app, your iPhone must have either 3G data connectivity or a connection to a wifi hotspot. It can also work on extended data networks, but the quality of your connectivity and game play may vary.
Caissa's Web Free Chess is a software application that runs on the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. It is a "client" or "front-end" interface for interacting with the Caissa's Web server, specifically for the purpose of playing live chess games. It is an alternative to the browser-based interface you access using your desktop or laptop computer. Currently, the app only supports live chess games as they relate to the Caissa website. Features like correspondence games, tournaments, and the scorebook are not currently implemented in the app. They will be added at a later time.
Please view this link for more info on the Caissa's Web Free Chess app.
Note: If you were one of the beta testers for the app, you must first completely delete the beta app from your iPhone. You will need to do this through the iTunes management software. You can confirm you have the official version by viewing the splash screen when you first start up the app. The screen should say "Version 1.0."
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3 Nov 2009, 09:36:34
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Re: Caissa's Web iPhone application officially launches
This app is sweet we just need more chess players to set up there i-phones and start playing. 2 min chess is very smooth and a big step forward