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Topic started by RAPTOR on 31 Dec 2012, 04:33:28
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Isle of Man
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31 Dec 2012, 04:33:28
******** Contact Admin doesn't work **********
Perhaps you might see this. Even though I doubt it will get any attention.
I also notice your last offering was over THREE (3) years ago.
What does it take to convince you this 81stPercentile person NEEDS to be removed??
Topic started by 81stPercentile on 29 Dec 2012, 06:44:36
'Choke-Up-On-Demand' Actors; And the 'Sandy Hook' School 'Incident'
"Better-late-than-Never".. as has been said; But after viewing this, & related subject videos, on 'YouTube'; The 'mass-shooting/ killing' Never took place; Imho! ..{Ie- it was an elaborate gov't orchestrated 'gun-control' motivated 'PR' con-job; And, I don't even own a gun!}.
Topic started by 81stPercentile on 29 Dec 2012, 16:57:02
Edited on 31 Dec 2012 at 04:36:01
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31 Dec 2012, 19:20:06
In reply to RAPTOR
Re: ******** Contact Admin doesn't work **********
Most people here feel the same way. Admin needs to do something about it.
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24 Apr 2013, 17:59:07
hey where is he answers the administrator does not need my vacation paid for getting new dues gets 1 year
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13 Jun 2013, 16:39:40
Re: ******** Contact Admin doesn't work **********
After almost 20 years on Caissa. They have finally managed to break the camels back. Their complete lack of support and response is unacceptable and I will be taking my money elsewhere.
I STRONGLY recommend that everyone else does also. Lets make this site dark.
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14 Jun 2013, 03:06:12
In reply to CLH
Re: ******** Contact Admin doesn't work **********
I's appalling....Ive given up playing live on this site and now only use it for Corr.....and even with that, I joined some time's a much better site