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Topic started by smjg on 27 Mar 2017, 22:41:34
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United Kingdom
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27 Mar 2017, 22:41:34
Thinking of leaving
I am currently nearing the end of my 20th year of Caissa membership. I can hardly believe I've been with the site for so long!
As it stands, I am thinking this year with Caissa will be my last. This is because the site is apparently not being maintained at the moment, and my support enquiries are vanishing into a black hole. This has been an intermittent problem over the last several years. The ways in which I have tried to make enquiries include:
- posting on the Help & Support bulletin board
- the Contact Admin facility (when it works - sometimes it doesn't)
- the Contact Us facility on the home page
- messaging AdminBrian directly through the messaging system
- email to the general Caissa admin address
- email to Mediawest
Sometimes bugs I have reported years ago have taken absolutely ages to be resolved. For all I know, some might be still not resolved now.
We are paying to receive this service. However, the failure to maintain the site means that we are not being provided with the service we have paid for.
I haven't yet decided where I would be taking my business instead. I'd consider downgrading my paid account to a free one if only I could find (a) how the two account types differ (b) how to do so! Does anybody have any ideas?
Just over a week ago, I made one final attempt to contact the admins in an attempt to resolve the pending issues and get a guarantee that all support enquiries will be answered in a timely manner moving forward. I've had no reply as yet....
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31 Mar 2017, 07:43:40
In reply to smjg
Re: Thinking of leaving
I will leave in july if nothing happens.