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Topic started by buzzkill on 2 Sep 2009, 02:09:14
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2 Sep 2009, 02:09:14
The 'Other' Format Deficiency Happened Again!
To, Admin. Brian- Earlier today, I linked up to play a game, {thinking, it was for 'regular' chess}; And after I made a first move {as 'black'}; Realized, I not only was playing, 'Chess-960'..{which I also periodically play}; But my 'first move'..{unlike, in conventional chess}; Made 'little sense'!
I believe that based on other player complaints, {if not recently}; The interface, for posting {& accepting} 'challenges'..{depending on the 'live' game 'in question'}, should be more clearly delineated.
Thanks, E.S. {my 'real life' initials; Just for a 'change'}---