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Topic started by Gladiator on 19 Dec 2009, 20:03:56
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19 Dec 2009, 20:03:56
I need to renew my membership in a month's time. I would like to know what's coming next on this site as I feel the last 3 or 4 months have not been very active.
Please sell it to me.
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United States
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19 Dec 2009, 21:25:34
In reply to Gladiator
Re: Renewal
.. 'Sell' you, on renewing as a member? ------
Why your post strikes my 'funny bone'?; I thought it was rather self-evident! .. That when it comes to the admin. here; They show every indication, of being on "defective auto-pilot!"
.. As to how much more defective, this site will become; Is one of those, "unknown, unknowns"! ..Theoretically; It could even get better; Let's say.. 2-to-4 years from now; But I wouldn't 'hold my breath' for that!
Ps. Somewhat more disturbing, {in 'the natural' realm}; Is how {collectively} Screwed-up; The inhabitants of this planet are!
.."Where Sin abounds; Does {the prospect of}, 'Grace' abound; More abundantly"!--