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Topic started by Zilon on 27 Jan 2010, 07:56:21
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27 Jan 2010, 07:56:21
Technical problems
Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to this site and spent some time reading about the problems one the site, and got kind of discouraged doing it. Also I've tried some blitzgames myself and the lag is enormous..... It really kills the fun of playing live games.
Anyway, I decided to contact Mediawest to get some news on what their plan are to fix the site and also to get some administrator here to answer questions. Right now it seems that noby is in charge. This is their answer, kind of meager i'm afraid, but at least better then nothing.
Thought you all might be interested, hence this post. Lets hope for some change.
I am a member of the Caissa’s internet Chess web at:
The site have some serious problems and there does not seem to be any administrator around answering questions from the members. As you are the owner of the Caissa trademark I would like to know the status of the site and plans for addressing the problems encountered by the users.
Thanks in advance,
Svante Andersson
We are aware of the problem and are actively working on a fix. Thanks for the report.
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27 Jan 2010, 08:44:19
In reply to Zilon
Re: Technical problems
Thanks for your post Zilon....I must admit that the pro-forma response from Admin is a bit worrying...that said, I recently reported a bug in one of my games which, while I never got a formal response, seem to be fixed within a day or so
Edited on 27 Jan 2010 at 08:44:37