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Topic started by RAPTOR on 17 Feb 2010, 22:01:21
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Isle of Man
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17 Feb 2010, 22:01:21
******** Really strange game ********
I just "won" a game with 1981broker. I honestly do not know how or why. The screen showed opponent disconnected and all that, then he came back on and we played several more moves when the red "Claim" light came on and the game froze solid. I 'claimed' and the game ended. Whaaaaa happened????
he just accused me of being a bad sport because I claimed a forfeit. He will, not stop sending me a chall now. Could this be HP with another name??
Edited on 17 Feb 2010 at 22:08:18
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United States
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18 Feb 2010, 02:13:56
In reply to RAPTOR
Re: ******** Really strange game ********
If it walks like a duck...