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Topic started by whiteLightning on 22 May 2010, 17:32:49
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22 May 2010, 17:32:49
"Caissa' 'Glitch' to Report
.. While still playing out the opening of a 30/15 't-c' game, with "Nala"; I was obligated to 'click' the 'okay' icon {if that's what its called}; To be paired against, "KoyKoy" in a G/10 game!?
Perhaps not surprisingly; I ended up losing both games; Even though my pc screen, only showed one game @ a time. FYI; I only Care to play, one game, at a time!; Nor did I ever 'opt' to play any other configuration, to the best of my knowledge!? Ie. Why would anyone want to?! --
Ps. Both games can be conveniently 'looked up' under, "Results"; Since, both ended, @ 17:20 GMT.