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Topic started by sbelanoff on 6 Jun 2015, 00:50:06
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United States
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6 Jun 2015, 00:50:06
Strange Forfeit
I have just been involved in a very strange forfeit situation. The situation is this:
The score of the game shows the last move as having been made by Black. However, it also states that Black has forfeited by reason of violation of the 10 day time rule. Since White is the person who has the move and has not replied to Black's move how is it possible for Black to have forfeited on time? The only answers which occur to me is that the app has a bug or White has hacked the server.
Any thoughts?
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6 Jun 2015, 01:33:59
In reply to sbelanoff
Re: Strange Forfeit
" 'Shite' {archaic term} Happens"! ..{in All phases of Life!}; And, as for a 'technical' reason; I would think that even 'software' {and 'hardware'}, experiences 'entropy'..{or 'breaking-down' over time}. Especially, with a 'laid-back' Admin. like this one! - Which, incidentally; Has probably set, a New negative standard, in that regard! --