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Topic started by DualSpace on 29 Dec 2010, 19:48:35
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29 Dec 2010, 19:48:35
Inspiration - hyperbolic geometry
Here's a fun image from Escher demonstating hyperbolic geometry on the poincare disk. Follow the triangles to see the angles for any triangle are less than 180 degrees. Poincare showed that 'most' manifolds are hyperbolic using this disk - but you need to remember some fundamental ideas about manifolds and charts, that you can connect a point exiting one part of the disk and connect it to the entry point of another part of the disk. These 'exit' and 'entries' are related to 2-D tori (multi-holed donuts, that any well-behaved 2-D manifold can be reduce to...). A sheet of paper can be rolled so the exit and entries attach, like a donut. Poincare used that, and his disk, to generate an infinite number of hyperbolic manifolds. Happy holidays......I live in hyperspace :P

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1 Jan 2011, 20:12:10
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Re: Inspiration - hyperbolic geometry
For some reason this reminds me of Spy vs Spy
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1 Jan 2011, 21:26:04
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Re: Inspiration - hyperbolic geometry


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