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Topic started by RogueBishop on 3 Jan 2011, 13:59:42
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3 Jan 2011, 13:59:42
Turning Off; Vs. Resetting, Your 'PC'
Until, very recently; I'd thought, that the 2 aforementioned options, was pretty much like, the proverbial; "6-of-one; A-half-dozen, of the other." - Well, apparently, it is Not!
Two-and-a-half-days-ago; I had 'turned-off'..{though only for a moment}, my 'acer' {pc}; And within, a few minutes; Discovered, to my consternation; That I'd 'lost' several important settings! -Eg. Audio-listening-capability, {for any Web site}, Plus, my ability, to 'copy-and-paste' from, most anywhere, I chose to!
- Anyway; Since, restoring those functions, is beyond my 'ken'..{No instructions please; You might-as-well, be giving 'yours truly' instructions, in 'Algebra 2.' lol}; I'm awaiting a visit, today; From, my more, computer-savvy, older brother.
The point being; Perhaps, the makers of my 'p-cees' instruction manual; Figured, that No further cautionary-warnings, were necessary; Beyond, what their instruction-manual, itself, states!? .. Don't they realize.. that, one of the failings, of most ordinary people; Is their, repeated failure, to read and observe; 'ALL' of their 'freakin' instructions?! {rhetorical}. - {yah-live, and-yah-learn!}.
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3 Jan 2011, 14:21:48
In reply to RogueBishop
Re: Turning Off; Vs. Resetting, Your 'PC'
To be honest it really is not all that technical to fix your problem and you can maybe save your brother a trip. If you lost your settings you can restore your PC to an earlier time when those settings were enabled. Your computer automatically backs-up your settings every so often in the background. Simply go to your Start button-then click on All Programs-then click on Accessories-then click on System Tools. In that folder is "System Restore" Click on it and it will ask you if you are sure you want to restore your PC to an earlier next and it should then display a calendar. Choose a date prior to when you shut-down your PC. You can relax this only restores system settings. It does not erase or alter anything that is saved on your hard-drive and this is also a totally reversible procedure. If it does not fix the PC it can be undone by yourself or your brother when he arrives. I'd give it a shot now if I were you and see if it helps. BE BRAVE YOUNG MAN!