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Topic started by AdminBrian on 16 Oct 2020, 12:10:33
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16 Oct 2020, 12:10:33
Complete Caissa Upgrade!
Caissa is implementing a complete upgrade to a brand-new system and interface. The new system is currently in beta-test while final bugs are worked out. This is a completely new design, programmed from scratch from the ground up, so there will be bugs. We're going to need everyone's help to test things out before final transfer to the new system in a few weeks.
For now the beta site will exist as a completely separate entity so nothing you do on it will affect your account on the existing site. Each account on the beta site is currently a "clean slate" with no game history or other accumulated data. When the current site is shut down, as much data as possible will be transferred to the new site.
For testing purposes all accounts on the beta site will be considered "Gold" level. Once live, Silver and Guest levels will also exist. Guest members will see advertisements while Gold and Silver members will not. When the switchover occurs, all current subscribed members will become Gold members.
A few major features are still missing, most notably Tournaments (both Corr and Live), Chat Rooms, and Forums. Those are being worked on and will be available at some point in the near future. Smaller tweaks such as color themes, board and piece options, sound effects, etc. may also be added or adjusted as things progress.
So please log on to the beta site, have a look around, and test it out!
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16 Oct 2020, 21:46:56
In reply to AdminBrian
Re: Complete Caissa Upgrade!
GOD help us all.
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18 Oct 2020, 00:00:53
In reply to AdminBrian
Re: Complete Caissa Upgrade!
What's this about? I guess now is a good time to post here a message I sent to you back in 2017. How I've ended up still here I don't know.
To whom it may concern,
I am sending this message through multiple channels in order
the maximise the chance that it gets through to somebody.
Since my subscription expires soon, this is of utmost
In recent times, I have made multiple attempts to contact
Caissa admin in relation to various problems I am having
with my site. However, my enquiries have gone unanswered.
These enquiries have been made variously through the Help &
Support bulletin board, through the Contact Admin facility
and by directly messaging an administrator. I thought I'd
previously tried contacting you via, but
don't appear to have any record of having done so.
Additionally, I have intermittently found the Contact Admin
facility not to work at all. This is the case right now.
Generally, I am concerned about the periods of time for
which the service is not being maintained. On multiple
occasions I have raised an issue requiring urgent attention,
but this attention has not come and as a result some of my
corr games have been cut short. As a company that provides
a service to the public, you have a responsibility to
maintain this service. If I am going to continue my
long-time Caissa membership, I will need a guarantee that,
from now on, all support enquiries will be dealt with (by
reply or action as applicable) in a timely manner, 52 weeks
a year.
At the moment, there are some enquiries to which I am still
waiting for a response, including one about claiming a draw
by threefold repetition, and another about renewal of
vacation allowance.
Additionally, what are the differences between a paid Caissa
account and a free one, and how would I go about downgrading
the former to the latter? I cannot find information about
this anywhere on the Caissa site.
Please respond within the next 7 days.
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18 Oct 2020, 13:48:43
In reply to smjg
Re: Complete Caissa Upgrade!
I'm sorry for the problems you've had on the site. I certainly admit there have been many lapses over the years, especially in communication. Even right now, there are both questions that aren't being answered and bugs that aren't being fixed. But that leads directly into why the upgrade is happening.
Caissa has never been a commercial site in the standard sense. It simply doesn't make any money once all the expenses are deducted. It has always been maintained and supported purely by volunteers. But volunteers tend to drift in and out and it has been hard to maintain any kind of continuity. So things have been in an awkward status-quo for a while now.
But several factors are converging and forcing a completely different path. The pandemic has had a great impact on technical jobs and volunteering on anything is no longer an option for most. Our parent company Mediawest Online, which from the beginning subsidized much of our hardware and bandwidth, has shut its doors. We're completely on our own now.
I suppose that, from a purely business point of view, it might make sense to some to just shut everything down. But I personally think there's too much history here to do that. Let's not forget that we were the very first chess server on the World Wide Web! So I prefer the second option: we must become a better commerical site, with a reasonable revenue stream that allows us to maintain our own infrastructure and, most importantly, an actual fixed staff. It's still going to take a lot of volunteer effort to get there, but we think it will all pay off once complete.
We'll need to attract a lot of new members, and that's where the upgrades come in. There will also be some billing changes such as monthly subscription options, and guest players will have ads appear to hopefully generate some additional revenue. We're not going to overtake or ICC, but we can make a place for ourselves just as we first did 25 years ago. Here's to another 25!
BTW Caissa has never had a "free" account option, only a trial account with test period of (originally) 14 days to try things out. Once the trial period ends there's no way to go back to it. It's possible the behavior will change on the new site.
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18 Oct 2020, 17:25:36
Re: Complete Caissa Upgrade!
I've spread the news on other similar sites
I suggest contacting all former players and telling the glorious news.
Another site has an area for support requests and solutions.
Also perhaps there can be one rating for each player for all games. Thank you
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14 Nov 2020, 14:57:14
In reply to AdminBrian
Re: Complete Caissa Upgrade!
I am new member and cannot log in using my credentials?Why?
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14 Nov 2020, 18:18:08
In reply to DarkOne
Re: Complete Caissa Upgrade!
The new site is a separate system not directly connected to the current one, so brand new accounts won't appear instantly. Accounts get "synched" periodically and that should happen later tonight, so you should be able to log on by tomorrow at the latest.