Chess Tournaments

Chess Tournaments

Caissa sponsors both live and correspondence chess tournaments.

  • Live Chess Tournaments.

    Caissa is currently developing an ongoing schedule of live tournaments that will include a points system designed to reward not only the winners of tournaments, but also ongoing participation on a daily or weekly basis. Theme tournaments based on a particular chess opening are also being planned.

  • Correspondence Chess Tournaments.

    Caissa's Correspondence Chess tournaments are continuous and ongoing—as soon as five members register for an open tournament it begins immediately. You can choose to play Chess or Chess960 tournaments. You may register for a tournament of your own rating class, a tournament of the next higher class, or a tournament open to all rating classes. Crosstables for all tournaments are easily accessible so you can keep track of all your tournament games as well as other tournaments.

  • Member Organized Tournaments.

    Caissa has a long history of her members organizing their own tournaments—both live and correspondence. Past tournaments have included collaboration between Caissa and the member organizers to promote and direct site-wide prize tournaments that reward both winners and participants alike.

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