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Caissa's Web offers a full-featured and easy-to-use interface for your correspondence chess games.

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Caissa's Web has been providing web-based correspondence chess since 1995. Throughout those years we have developed a simple yet richly-featured correspondence chess interface unmatched by any other site on the Internet. Some of those features are:

Correspondence Chess Interface
  • Click-and-drag move making.

    Making correspondence chess moves is smooth and intuitive—click the piece you want to move and drag it to the destination square. Done. No need for the page to refresh. No unnecessary computer input. The interface allows you to play one or a hundred games efficiently and easily.

  • Easily viewable list of your games.

    A clear, well-organized table lists each of your correspondence games and their individual status. The list is delineated between games in which it is your move and games in which it is your opponent's move. Games in which you are closest to exceeding the time control are prioritized and highlighted.

  • Challenge and waiting list options.

    Use the correspondence challenge function to choose a specific member to play against. Or, put yourself on the correspondence game waiting list to allow others to choose you for a game. Customize your waiting list entry by specifying a rating range for your potential opponents.

  • Play Chess or Chess960.

    When playing a correspondence game, you can stick to the traditional game of chess, or challenge an opponent to a game of Chess960. All aspects of Caissa, including correspondence chess, are compatible with Chess960 rules such as starting positions and Chess960 castling.

  • If-then moves.

    After you have made your move in a correspondence chess game, and before your opponent's next move, you can set up a series of your own responses to possible moves by your opponent. "If" your opponent makes a certain move, "then" you will make an automatic move in response.

  • Annotate & Analyze.

    For each of your correspondence games, you can both annotate and analyze on a per-move basis. Analyze by using a "free board" to play through possible move combinations. Annotate current and past moves in an ongoing game. The annotations will be saved when the game ends for future review.

  • In-game chat.

    A great way to keep in touch with family and friends all over the world is to play them in a game of chess on Caissa's Web and use the built-in chat facility to catch up on the latest news. Or, use the chat to get to know the new friends you will make from the international membership of Caissa.

  • Email notifications.

    When a game begins, your opponent moves, or a game ends, you can optionally be notified via email. The email will include basic status information about the game including time left to move and a graphical representation of the current board position. A secure link in the email will allow you to proceed directly to the game, bypassing the normal website log in.

  • Go on vacation.

    A fully-functional "Go on vacation" feature allows you to suspend the time controls for all your correspondence games when you will be away and unable to make moves for any extended length of time. Easily go on and off vacation and review how much vacation time you have left in a given subscription period.

  • Every game saved for later review.

    Every correspondence game is saved to a central database so that you may search for and review any game you have played. All of your games are saved to your own Scorebook which lists your games and allows you to views details about the game and play back the moves.

  • Share your games with friends & family.

    Each of your ongoing correspondence chess games can be accessed from a unique web address (URL) that you can provide to friends & family so that they can watch the game as it progresses. They can access using any standard web browser and do not have to be a member of Caissa's Web to view the game.

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