Play a training game by choosing one of the available coaches below. Training games have no time limit so you can take as much time as you want on each move. They do not affect your rating, so feel free to experiment and try out new strategies. The games are not saved or recorded so don't worry about making mistakes. And if you do make one, you can "undo" your move and try again.

Each coach will play and give advice according to the listed rating range. Lower-rated coaches make more mistakes but might give similar mistakes in their suggestions. Higher-rated coaches play better moves and generally give better advice.

This feature is still experimental so changes and updates are likely going forward.

Rating Range:
500-1000Available for
all players
Rating Range:
1000-1200Available for
registered players
Rating Range:
1200-1400Available for
Silver Members
Rating Range:
1400-1600Available for
Gold Members
Rating Range:
1600-1800Available for
Gold Members
Rating Range:
1800-2000Available for
Gold Members
Game Type:
Your Color:
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