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Corr Tournaments

About Corr Tournaments

Corr tournaments are 5-player round-robin events, where each player plays one game against each of the other players. Tournaments start as soon as five players have entered, and end when the last game has ended. All games are played simultaneously, so when the tournament starts you will have four new games appear.

Tournament Fees and Prizes

Each tournament has a specified entry fee and prize fund in Caissa Coins. You must have the entry fee available in your balance to enter the tournament, and the entry amount will be subtracted from your balance when you register for the tournament. When the tournament ends, prizes will be calculated and distributed to the winners immediately.

Entering a Tournament

In the Corr Tournaments window, look for the section labeled "Tournaments Now Available":

Your rating class and balance may be different and the formatting may vary somewhat, but you will see something very similar.

Choose the type of game you are interested in (Chess, Apollo, Chess960 or Apollo960) and the time control (usually only 20/30 is offered but occasionally others may appear), then click the "FIND" button.

One or more listings will appear, showing the tournament ID, rating class, game type, time control, and Caissa Coins required to enter. You may also see a number badge indicating how many players have already entered. The badge color indicates how close the tournament is to filling up, from green (just started) to red (needing only one more entrant).

Note that you may need to click on the arrow icon at the left edge of the listing to expand the details as seen here:

Here you can see the prize payouts and any players who have already entered the tournament. Click on the "Enter" button to register for the tournament. If the tournament is now full it will start immediately and your new games will appear in your Active Games list. Otherwise you will now see a section titled "Tournaments You've Entered" showing this and any other tournaments you may have entered previously. Click the arrow icon to expand it and you will see something like this:

As long as the tournament has not started, you may withdraw at any time by clicking the "Withdraw" button. Your entry fee will then be refunded.

Tournament Crosstables

Once a tournament has started a crosstable will be available. Look for the tournament ID with a magnifying glass icon next to it, which will appear in sections like "Tournaments You're Playing", "Your Recent Tournaments", "Other Recent Tournaments" or "Tournament Archives" depending on the status. Click on the ID and a new window will open similar to this:

Here you can see the final standings, the prize payouts, and the result of each individual game. Clicking on a game result will open a game viewer so you can review the game move-by-move. Any games that are not yet completed will show an "x" rather than a result value.

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