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Sample Board A typical Swapper board

The object (and hence the name) of this game is to swap one fruit with an adjacent fruit to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more identical fruits. The longer the chain, the more points are awarded. Bonus points are also given when a single swap forms more than one chain, for example one horizontal and one vertical. Once a chain is formed, all fruits in it disappear and fruits above will fall to fill in the newly-opened spaces.

If fruits fall into a position where new chains are formed, those will also disappear and award points to the player. Long "cascades" of this type can rapidly add points to the player's score.

There are two variations of the game to choose from, Classic and Blitz. In the Classic variation, the player can keep going indefinitely as long as he continues to clear progressively harder levels. In the Blitz variation, the player has exactly two minutes and clearing a level does not gain any additional time.

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