Tools is pleased to offer these free, web-based chess tools to the internet chess community. As a chess player, blogger, columnist, or webmaster, these tools offer essential resources for game creation and presentation.

  • View, save and edit Chess, Chess960, and Apollo games formatted as PGN files (Portable Game Notation, the internet standard for presentation of chess games)
  • Insert a Chess Game Viewer into your own post or website, allowing visitors to play through games move-by-move rather than just seeing the moves as text
  • Produce professional-quality diagrams of positions with a variety of colors and piece designs, or display a move sequence as an animated graphic
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PGN Maker

Creating, editing, viewing, saving, and sharing PGN files is one of the most basic needs of internet chess players.

This tool allows you to create a PGN file from scratch by setting up a board position, addings moves and commentary, and entering game details.

If you have an existing PGN file which you would like to modify, you may also use this tool import the PGN file and then change or add information as desired.

This tool works with Chess, Chess960, and Apollo games, and allows you to directly transfer the finished PGN to the Game Viewer or Diagram Maker tools.

Game Viewer

There are many resources on the internet where you can download PGN files. In their raw text format, they are not viewable.

This tool allows you to import the PGN and view it within an easy-to-use graphical interface. The viewer allows you to click through the moves of the game, and also shows the player names and ratings, event, location and date of the game, as well as any commentary included with the game.

If you would like to save the game for others to view, you can copy-and-paste the viewer and game into an web-enabled document like a blog or website.

Diagram Maker

This tool allows you to input a position or move list and output a high-quality diagram that you can add to any graphics-enabled document like a blog, website, or PDF.

Additionally, you can output a sequence of moves as an animated graphic showing the pieces moving on the graphical chess board.

This tool works with Chess, Chess960, and Apollo games, and has many options for size, color, and piece type.

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