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Chess Game Viewer

This is a simple yet powerful web-based tool that allows you to import a Chess, Chess960 or Apollo game in PGN format and view the game through an easy-to-use interface.

After importing and viewing the game, you have the option of saving the game and viewer interface in a format that can be embedded into any web-enabled document like a chess blog or website so that your visitors can also view the game.

To embed the game and viewer into your site or post, just copy the "Embed HTML" code belowat the bottom right into the appropriate place on your page. You can choose either a Landscape or Portrait orientation for the embedded viewer. If you need a specific width you may enter the value in the "Width" field, otherwise leave the field blank (or zero) and it will adjust automaticaly for the width of your page.

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Enter the entire PGN text (beginning with the [Event] tag) into the box below.
Embed HTML:
Width px
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